Getting Started in a New Business

Getting started in a new business takes not only money, but more importantly time, energy, and a great deal of patience and persistence.   Business experiences have helped me get a great foundation started for my new career in real estate. 

Friends, family, customers, and many others have been emailed, spoken to, cards and letters are written, waiting to be mailed. Waiting, that’s the hardest part of setting up a new business venture.  Waiting for business cards, waiting for a real estate license, waiting for a NNEREN number, waiting for orientation, waiting, waiting and more waiting. But rather than sitting around grumbling and waiting, I’ve decided to be proactive and start this business out with a great foundation.

A strong foundation to me starts with a website. In today’s world you have to be on-line.  So, to start I’ve begun to revamp the template website that Keller Williams provides and have started to make it my own website. It’s not done yet, and probably will never be since I will want to continue to refine it and update it to meet my customers’ and clients’ needs and requests. But it’s a start. I’ve begun the Search Engine optimization process and have already seen that I can find my website in search results. Next step, make it one of the top 5 sites that come up when I type in “A Home in NH.” That may take some time and a lot of energy. But I think the end results will be time well spent. 

I’ve taken workshops on-line individually and at Keller Williams Metropolitan in Bedford with groups of new and veteran realtors.  I’m learning on the job and loving it. Now if I could just get my head around making phone calls.  I know it’s something I need to do and the ones I’ve made so far have been wonderful.  I’ve got lots of great friends, family and customers that wish me well and want to see me succeed. The problem is with me. I just need to decide that I’m not bothering them, just touching base with them, letting them know what I’m doing and asking them if they know anyone interested in buying, selling, investing in or renting property in NH.  Their responses have been promising, now I just need to kick my self in gear and do it. And I will, because I want to succeed and I want to help people find their new homes or perhaps sell their current homes.

Today’s plan is write a blog (almost done), practice writing forms, do some “drop bys”, and lead generation. Lead generation….hmmm. I can do it, I know I can. Just pick up the phone and make the calls. So wait… I’ll talk to you soon.


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