Why clients want you to be an eEdge agent

eEdge Comes to Keller Williams Rolled out at Family Reunion


Keller Williams Family Reunion Unrolls eEdge

Keller Williams Family Reunion Feb 2011


Why? Because of “Consumer-Centricity”

Customer service has always been the backbone of real estate. Not much has changed on that basic principal. What has changed is the method, delivery and interpretation of the customer service experience for consumers interested in buying, selling or investing in a home.

Delivering value and surpassing expectations, as well as the just rolled-out eEdge were the topics of discussion at the “Why your clients want you to be an eEdge agent” Breakout Session on Tuesday afternoon presented by Ellen Marks, executive director of marketing and communications.

Read more at:    Why clients want you to be an eEdge agent.

Buying a home in NH? Selling your house in NH? Contact Barbara Potvin, Realtor with Keller Williams Metropolitan, Bedford, NH at 603-620-2103 or barbarapotvin@kw.com for award winning customer service. Want to learn more about becoming an eEdge agent with Keller Williams, call or email Barbara Potvin.


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