Building Your Dream Home; Why Should Buyers Use a Buyers Agent When Buying New Construction?


Building Your Dream Home

Working with  Builders

Don’t over pay getting a home that the builder wants to build and at the price they want you to pay. Buyers working directly with a builder can lose out financially, emotionally and strategically.  Use a Buyer’s Agent when you plan to build your next home.

Most builders build houses they want to build not the house you want them to build. It makes sense. They know how to build certain houses. Builders that have experience building have the costs down to a science on the houses they are comfortable building. Their crews know how the builders want the job done and can do it quicker without the issues that might arise when they are building a house outside of their usual models, floor plans or styles. Builders have their own established building specifications, options and prices for upgrades such as cabinets, flooring, counter tops and other finishes.

Contractors and Developers usually have a Seller’s Agent representing and marketing the builders interest. That agent’s job is to get you to buy that builder’s houses, with the most upgrades, at the builders price and to protect that builder’s interest. Shouldn’t you have someone to protect yours?

What can a Buyer’s Agent do for you?

Buyer’s agents work with a variety of builders not just one.  Their allegiance is to the buyer not the builder. In order to do that they need to  have experience working with a  variety of different builders. Buyer’s agents need to know what kind of follow through different builders have, or in some cases don’t have. They know which ones to recommend and which ones to stay away from.

As a Buyer’s Agent, I’ve worked with a variety of builders at different levels and based on that experience I’ve seen the quality workmanship, the ethics and the collaboration of a variety of builders. I’ve witnessed first hand which ones do quality work and which ones don’t. In depth discussions with builders has shown me which ones will make concessions and changes to floor plans or home styles and which ones prefer not to or just won’t. Home styles, standards and finishes as well as base and upgrade prices vary widely as does the area that a builder is willing to build in.

Finding a Buyer’s Agent that has had experiences with a variety of builders will be a valuable asset to you when you get ready to build your next new home.  Ask your agent to show you a variety of builders not just one. Then compare apples to apples. Look at the standards of each builder, as well as the style of the house. Is hardwood included? Are granite counter tops included? Is Central AC? Or are these all upgrades? If they are upgrades what are the additional costs?

Will the builder make changes to their “normal” floor plan or to the exterior of the house? Or do they just want to build the houses they’ve been building? Another important thing to know is how long have they been building? What kind of Warranty do they have? Do they resolve issues after you’ve closed on your new home?

As a Buyer’s Agent I consider myself an educator and an advocate. My job is to not only know the quality of the builder but to speak up and advocate for my buyer. My job is to understand the building process and walk the buyers through it. My goal is to get the buyer the  home they want, with all the standards, options, finishes and in the style they desire at the best price in the town or neighborhood they like.

When you get ready to build your new home call a Buyer’s Agent that’s experienced with a variety of builders and contractors. Don’t depend on their Listing Agent to advocate for you and get you the home of your dreams at the price you want to pay. It’s not their job. It’s Mine.


Beechwood Builders – 160 Soleil Mountain Laconia NH


Diamond Edge Realty & Development

255 Bunker Hill Rd Auburn NH – Closed Listing – $480,000


160 Soleil Mountain – Active Listing -$550,000


Douglas Hill Construction

61, 63 & 65 Pearson Rd Merrimack

Active Listings $429,900- $449,000


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